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Detail of contents : n° 2 - Mai 2023 - 79e année

Tribute to Michel Perrin

  • Tribute to Michel Perrin.   OPEN ACCESS
    Guex J.J.
  • My travels with Michel Perrin.  OPEN ACCESS
    Guex J.J.
  • Michel Perrin was an advocate of the «Evidence-Based Phlebology» all his life!  OPEN ACCESS
    Benhamou A.C.
  • Michel Perrin:"To pass on and always pass on".  OPEN ACCESS
    Josnin M.
  • Michel Perrin: The man who gave Phlebology its letters of nobility by making it scientific.  OPEN ACCESS
    Néaume N.
  • He was a giant!  OPEN ACCESS
    Vin F.
  • Michel Perrin: he was a giant of the medical world, like very few others!  OPEN ACCESS
    Gobin J.P.
  • My memories with Michel Perrin.  OPEN ACCESS
    Gillet J.L.
  • Michel perrin honoured by the German phlebology society  OPEN ACCESS
    Gillet J.L.
  • Michel Perrin: he was a giant of the medical world, like very few others!  OPEN ACCESS
    Gobin J.P.
  • Michel Perrin: "a scientificand human guide without fail".  OPEN ACCESS
    Hamel-Desnos C.
  • Michel Perrin: he passed on to me his experience of rigor and his scientific honesty!  OPEN ACCESS
    Creton D.
  • Michel Perrin : he loved to share his knowledge!  OPEN ACCESS
    Gachet G.
  • Michel Man of science.  OPEN ACCESS
    Gérard J.L.
  • Michel Perrin: the years of youth.  OPEN ACCESS
    Milleret R.
  • 15 years from Master to pupil,then a certain symbiosis with him!   OPEN ACCESS
    Becker F.
  • Talking about Michel Perrin in one page... It's a bit like telling the history of France,in one page!  OPEN ACCESS
    Nicolini P.
  • «Courtyard side - garden side.»  OPEN ACCESS
    Ramelet A.A.
  • Michel the Surgeon and Scientist.  OPEN ACCESS
    Nicolaides A.
  • Michel Perrin: a master, a great friend and a pleasant life partner.  OPEN ACCESS
    Maleti O., Lugli M.
  • Fac-similes of selected articles by or with Michel Perrin  OPEN ACCESS
    Perrin M.
  • Curriculum vitae and list of works of Michel Perrin  OPEN ACCESS
    Ramelet A.A., Perrin M., Kern P.
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